The cradle of mankind, deeply enigmatic, eternally beautiful, harking back to a primordial time, Africa today remains an anchor, a humble reminder to the world of modern technology that the pulse of the planet beats to a tune that cannot be quantified in terms of the technological marvels that modern man has chosen to surround himself with.

The mysteries of Africa are not easily manifest to mankind, nor have they ever been. Through the ages, a select few have been privileged enough to garner an inkling of what lies behind the impregnable mists of Africa’s jungles and plains, to see Africa as she would want to be seen – the Eden that always was and always will be. To these few, she has revealed many secrets, bestowing upon them the knowledge that has enabled subsequent generations to grow, build brighter futures for themselves and forge ahead as pioneers of modern civilization.

Very few remain to listen to the heartbeat of Africa today – but to those who will listen, she still speaks many truths, tells of great treasures to be found. Join us on a voyage of discovery, as we uncover the long-forgotten secrets of responsible beauty that have been known to African indigenous women for centuries.



Vibrant, colorful, resonating with the tunes and rhythms of seductive melodies, India has always held the world in a spell of fascination and awe. From the opulent splendors of the maharajas, to the architectural brilliance of the moguls, from the immense treasures of gold, diamonds and rubies, to the scintillating tingle of a thousand spices, India has long been the golden nightingale that has been coveted by countless monarchs through the ages. Many emperors and kings, generals and heroes of History have sought to ravage her, to plunder her bounty, to ensnare her wild and proud beauty. None have succeeded in taking anything away from her. To these marauders and others of their ilk, India remains unattainable even today, her allure repeatedly drawing them to her doorstep, her coy, mesmerizing insinuations whispering promises of unattainable treasures just within reach. Yet her treasures remain her own – arcane to those who are deemed unworthy.

Meanwhile, to those who humbly seek to sup from her fountain of knowledge, she gives of her bounty more generously than any other. To the deserving pupil she is the wisest, most patient of all tutors. Through the millennia, these worthy disciples have come to be known as vedas (monks).

A collation of the timeless secrets the vedas have garnered has been distilled into the foundation of Ayurveda. This ancient guide, 5000 years old, is a gift to mankind. A text to good health and being through the sustainable use of natural, organic remedies, Ayurveda has been in extensive use throughout India for centuries.


At Maruva

We have delved into this ancient text and extracted some of the most benevolent Ayurvedic secrets and blended them with the raw and potent energy of a select number of African herbs and plants. Come away on an adventure with us as we divine concoctions to titillate your senses, to enhance your sense of self and to ultimately release your timeless inner beauty.


Blending Cultures, Discovering Beauty!

Crafting exclusive skincare products that blend potent African plant species long used in beautification rituals by indigenous tribes with their Ayurvedic Indian counterparts. Our production is lovingly hand-made in small batches by skilled beauty professionals in our plants in both Africa and India. Operational since 2007, we have created a unique brand of luxurious natural skincare products that are highly effective, safe, ethically produced and that reflect the intrinsic beauty of their Indo-African origins


Our in-house formulations are exhaustively researched & manufactured in accordance with European GMP's. These formulations are in compliance with the stipulations set out by the regulatory bodies in our respective countries of operation.


Our oils are harvested by hand from the fruit of wild-growing trees, cold-press extracted & free from any additives. Our essential oils are bought directly from the farms where the flowers & herbs are grown and our hydrosols are extracted via the steam-distillation process in our very own laboratory, thus guaranteeing quality and purity.


Maruva is an equal opportunity employer. We are completely cruelty-free and ensure our suppliers are too. Our procurement policies are based on Fair-Trade principles and thus we contribute meaningful financial streams to rural harvesters we engage with.

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