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Maruva Naturals

Maruva was born of a desire to blend the best but relatively unknown indigenous African beauty florals with their Indian counterparts (which have been comprehensively chronicled in Ayurveda for thousands of years) to create an eclectic range of luxury natural skin and beauty products for the modern consumer. The distillate of this merging is the core foundation on which all our products are developed using modern, scientifically sound and widely accepted cosmetic SOP’s. We are thus able to provide a new beauty paradigm that is rooted in ancient wisdom and knowledge but that retains complete relevance and fully resonates with the modern world and the unique daily stresses beauty formulations have to address

From Zimbabwe, Since 2007

Our Ethos

By applying the principles of beauty as dictated by Ayurveda to the African floral species, we have identified and short-listed a select number of species that are extremely potent, beneficial and with their correct Ayurvedic classification in place, now ready to be brought into mainstream use.

This unique cachet is proprietary to Maruva; the superior quality of ingredients we use, the painstaking attention to detail in the small batches we craft by hand and our exquisite packaging materials are all additional factors contributing to the exclusivity of our brand. On this founding ethos are 3 pillars that govern all aspects of our business, namely:

First and foremost, do no harm - to the environment, animals, employees, customers or anyone else associated with the brand. As a small example, efficacy testing of our products is never done on animals. Instead it is formally conducted through 3rd-part, independent and certified laboratories specializing in in-vitro and in-vivo, cruelty-free testing.

Secondly, use eco-friendly packaging – Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging (e.g. glass, hand-made, Fair-Trade compliant paper, natural dyes etc.). Where practical considerations dictate otherwise, we use the most easily recyclable grade of material available for that particular application, e.g. for plastics, PET is preferred instead of HDPE.

Last but not least, sustainability - We only source oils that have been extracted from the ‘indefinitely reusable’ parts of our selected plant species, i.e. the fruits. Because we only buy our oils (based on Fair Trade principles) from certified growers/harvesters, who are in turn independently audited, the commercial importance of sustainable harvesting is clearly communicated to the member harvesters/communities resulting in the diligent conservation of the natural resource.

The Fair-Trade derived monetary returns received by the rural communities in Africa and India, provide a much-needed windfall to people who live their daily lives on the extreme fringes of poverty. Access to basic medical facilities, securing potable water and a solid roof over their heads are some of the things farmers involved in the harvesting of these indigenous floral species have been empowered to afford.

We feel the ability to enjoy the best nature has to offer for our personal beautification is greatly enhanced when our consumption can simultaneously give something back to nurture and protect the resource we are benefiting from. As custodians of our customers’ beauty, Maruva are cognizant of the importance of purity and sustainability in all aspects of our manufacture. The unadulterated joy derived from the consumption of untainted natural resources we can then pass onto our customers is the ‘Maruva luxury’ we wish to share with our customers.