The cradle of mankind, deeply enigmatic, eternally beautiful, harking back to a primordial time, Africa today remains an anchor, a humble reminder to the world of modern technology that the pulse of the planet beats to a tune that cannot be quantified in terms of the technological marvels that modern man has chosen to surround himself with.

The mysteries of Africa are not easily manifest to mankind, nor have they ever been. Through the ages, a select few have been privileged enough to garner an inkling of what lies behind the impregnable mists of Africa’s jungles and plains, to see Africa as she would want to be seen- the Eden that always was and always will be. To these few, she has revealed many secrets, bestowing upon them the knowledge that has enabled subsequent generations to grow, build brighter futures for themselves and forge ahead as pioneers of modern civilization.

Very few remain to listen to the heartbeat of Africa today- but to those who will listen, she still speaks many truths, tells of great treasures to be found. Join us on a voyage of discovery, as we uncover the long-forgotten secrets of responsible beauty that have been known to African indigenous women for centuries.