Responsible Business

We are a brand based on sustainable and fair trade procurement policies and believe in the development of a circular economy to minimise waste and recycle our limited resources.

At Maruva, the fact that we can do this and present to you, our very discerning clientele a carefully curated range of luxurious certified cruelty – free products, is a nirvana that we are very proud to have achieved.

We only source oils that have been extracted from the ‘indefinitely reusable’ parts of our selected plant species, i.e. the fruits. Because we only buy our oils (based on Fair Trade principles) from certified growers/ harvesters, who are in turn independently audited, the commercial importance of sustainable harvesting is clearly communicated to the member harvesters/ communities resulting in the diligent conservation of the natural resource.

Maruva Naturals is and always has been, a cruelty free company. We absolutely do not condone, conduct or commission animal testing of any ingredient or finished product, either directly or indirectly, at any stage of our operations.

Our commitment to being cruelty free in all aspects of our business is absolute and non-negotiable-it is an underlying and founding belief that Maruva should be a company that does no harm.

It is our ardent hope that our products will meet with your approval and that this ethical consumption will continue to resonate with you, our valued customer, for many years to come and we look forward to delighting you with new and innovative products and formulations now and long into the future.