Discover Gift Sets at Maruva, handcrafted products using only the finest ingredients and formulations, exquisitely presented with uncompromising attention to detail.


At Maruva we believe the pursuit of beauty and wellness should not just end at our physical selves – our surroundings and our spaces should reflect our inner beauty too, our idea of beauty should be shared with our loved ones..after all, the ability to share is one of the most beautiful and noble traits there is. With this in mind, we have crafted a range of products, along with our customised gifting service, that will allow you to share your personal idea of beauty with those near and dear to you. Please contact us to discover more.

We offer a wide range of hampers and gifts. We also can customise hampers to include your favourite products. For some gift ideas we have available or if you want to inquire about a custom gift hamper, please open up a chat.